Australian Salmon (Salmon Trout)

Australian Salmon is also known as Salmon Trout or WA Salmon. Large schools of fish migrate between Western Australia and South Australia.

Cooking Australian Salmon


Small to medium sized fish are of good eating quality when bled and stored on ice. Large fish can have a strong flavour if they are not bled immediately.

Best eaten straight away, does not store well.

Best crumbed, fried or baked. A good quality smoked fish.

Wine pairing
Chardonnay, Grenache or Pinot Noir

Catching Australian Salmon

Exposed beaches, rocky headlands, and coastal shelf waters. Can also be found around offshore islands.

Mainly caught throughout marine waters and beaches in South Australia. The larger fish have good fighting abilities.

Caught all year round, with the largest fish prevalent between June and October.

Use sardines, squid, bluebait, whitebait or a lure.

Minimum size limit for Australian Salmon is 21 cm. Australian Salmon can look very similar to Australian Herring. Be sure you can identify the difference and return under-sized Salmon to the water.

A single or ganged hook rig and anchor or surf sinker using 6 - 15 kg line.

Australian Salmon is best bled immediately and kept in an ice bucket until refrigeration.

Australian Salmon recipes

Australian Salmon tacos with avocado salsa and grilled corn

"Everyone loves tacos! The key to this is the crumbing of the Salmon which keeps in the moisture and provides a great textural crunch. This is one of those cocktail party dishes everyone remembers"
- Paul Baker.

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