Sand Crab

Sand Crabs have a pink shell and two identifiable dark red or purple-coloured spots. They generally have softer meat than Blue Swimmer Crabs.

Cooking Sand Crab

Medium to firm

Sweet subtle flavour

Ice or refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Best consumed immediately.

Boiled, cook by steaming, grill or BBQ.

Wine pairing
Sparkling white wine or Riesling

Catching Sand Crab

Sand Crabs are found in sandy silty areas including along surf beaches.

When using nets to catch crabs (e.g. hoop or drop nets) in marine waters from a jetty or boat, fish can be used to entice the crabs into the net.

All year round

Fish or fish-based products.

A Sand Crab size must be 10 cm across the carapace.

Drop net or hoop net.

Sand Crabs have sharp claws and should be handled using gloves, tongs, or pliers.

Sand Crab recipes

Sand Crab omelette with green chilli and soy by Paul Baker

"An omelette is the simplest of dishes to prepare but what takes it from a good dish to a great dish is the quality of the ingredients. Free range eggs and fresh, sweet sand crab will make this your go to brunch dish for many years to come".
- Paul Baker

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