Mulloway is a flavourful and versatile fish. In the South Australian Lakes and Coorong fishery, it is certified sustainable.

Cooking Mulloway

Small Mulloway tend to be soft but medium to large Mulloway are firm and better for cooking

Mild and distinct flavour which pairs well with Australian bush natives

The whole fish stores well refrigerated and fillets can be bought frozen

With only a few big bones, medium sized Mulloway have even fillets which remain moist when grilled or fried

Wine pairing
Sauvignon Blanc

Catching Mulloway

Found in the Coorong and along the southern coastline of Australia with the largest wild commercial fishery being in South Australia

From a boat a 6 kg outfit is recommended but surf fishing will require a 10 kg outfit and heavy sinkers to hold the bottom

Caught all year round

Many types of bait work to catch Mulloway including pilchards, soft plastics and hard body lures.

Size limits for Mulloway vary within and outside the Coorong

A simple rig of a running ball sinker straight to a 7/0 circle hook is suitable.

Large Mulloway have a strong jaw so avoid putting your hand near the mouth.

Mulloway recipes

Mulloway fish pie by Paul Baker

"What I love about Mulloway is it’s delicate flavour and texture which is the perfect fish for my soul warming fish pie. A family favourite in my house!"
- Paul Baker

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